If you’re inspired by the cooler temps to create a warm and cosy vibe, these tips will help deliver a home oozing warmth while also keeping it contemporary and on-trend.

1. Light up
Allow your home to glow with an abundance of light. Forget the cool but powerful fluoro; instead opt for softer light from a variety of sources. Assess each room for its warming tones, and add one or even two lamps to complement dimmed overhead lighting.

2. Take comfort
Fall into a sofa that invites and envelopes, and instantly provides warmth and tranquillity. Then hitch your feet on to a plush ottoman and take in the atmosphere. The one thing to remember? Never compromise on comfort – regardless of the time of year.

3. Wooden warmth
Add some warming wood accents – a side table, coffee table, bowls or a tray, and you’re on your way to the cosiest room in the neighbourhood.

4. Snuggle up
Finish with layer upon layer of texture and comfort. Bring the blankets out of their baskets and drape, ready for use. Add extra cushions and switch up the shades. Ensure feet stay warm with the layered rugs look – contrast jute with Turkish, animal with warmer tones.

5. The ultimate escape
Top it all off with a reading nook – somewhere to cosy up among the cushions and pull an old favourite off the shelf. Savour the high back and large arms of the sumptuous occasional chair as well as that steaming pot of tea.

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