With 2020 now behind us, get the new year off to a positive start with a new level of organisation at home. Here are our top tips for decluttering, and keeping it that way.

There’s no hiding from it – the daily ‘stuff’ we can’t live without: keys, lip gloss, sunnies, purses, wallets, headphones. Hats, scarves, bags. The pile keeps growing. Entrance hall, kitchen bench – they’re all home to the ‘mess’.

Introduce a console – TV, entrance or hallway – to clear the clutter and keep it close to hand. While one with drawers offers an instant de-junk, a simple arrangement of attractive pots and vases to host the clutter can be as effective. Add a couple of on-trend baskets and a hat stand, and your space is transformed.

While a tidy space makes for a clear head, keeping some things out in the open is okay – especially if they’re meaningful or you don’t have the space for a large storage item. Think toilet, entry hall, bathroom.

Enter a system of shelving that works with the space – above a console, within a mirrored shaving cabinet, above the loo.

And where you do have the space, a shelving unit can give the best of both worlds, allowing you to hide items in cupboards down below while keeping a sensible array of usable and beautiful items on display.

Struggling to incorporate storage into your 2021 look? These items will hide your mess without increasing the number of furnishings.

Who knew your stylish chaise was also home to the family’s entire collection of boardgames and spare bedding (used on its very own sofa-bed)? Think comfort, storage and sleeping all in one.

In the bedroom, invest in a bed with drawers or a lift-up mattress. Ensure your bedside has drawers; if not, add baskets underneath for scatter cushions or washing. If kids are involved, do away with extra beds and replace with a trundle – you’ll lose count of the times you thank yourself.

Back to the loungeroom: your coffee table isn’t doing its job if it doesn’t have drawers. Perfect for coasters, magazines, or whatever you can’t find a home for. If space is tight, consider a round table for a cleaner look – you’re also less likely to knock the corner each time you negotiate the room. An ottoman with internal storage can also double up.

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