Not only can a little creativity give your home that ‘wow factor’, pulling off a DIY project gives you a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Less than a day is all it takes, and budget is up to you.

Nothing transforms a room like a new coat of paint, and while white is the go-to colour for lightening and brightening, taking it to the next level can be as simple as adding some colour (This also distracts from outstanding renovation projects).

The list is endless: dress up bland kitchen shelving with flowers, bold serving ware or a dramatic vase. Paint the back of the shelves in a vivid hue or, if you’re sticking with geometrics this season, cover some pieces of board in wallpaper, fabric, even wrapping paper.

Transform a hallway with vibrant runners; a loungeroom with statement cushions; a bedroom with a bright throw; a dining space with a spectacular tablecloth. Reinvent a piece of furniture with a seasonal tone – or a few coats of white for the Hamptons look.

Bedding, lighting, seating, walls. You name it – anything can be mixed. Your sleeping quarters might have an unwavering colour scheme. Mix it up with a contrasting duvet, pillows or curtains.

Switch out old lighting for a range of new fittings – think size, colour, shape.

Combine formal dining chairs with rustic for a modern, casual look.

Forget painting your feature walls, get out there with some patterned wallpaper. If you need practice, start with the toilet, laundry or bathroom.

Random, yet fulfilling, here are some more unusual projects to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Create a noticeboard with a difference by mounting a blackboard in an old picture frame.

2. Sort out scarves or jewellery with a hanger made of furniture knobs screwed to a piece of wood.

3. If open plan isn’t your thing, a curtain may be your answer. Mount a track along your designated border. Could a chef’s pantry be on the cards?

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