Whether you’re on the verge of a full-blown renovation or simply need to revive a tired space, taking the time to strategise your interior design process will put you on track for a big impact from the outset. Here are our top five interior design tips.

Plan your space
Having parameters in place before you buy that dream sofa, dining setting or rug will ensure it fits and is in proportion to the space and other furnishings. If you’re working on a big room, consider splitting it into zones and shop with the individual spaces in mind.

Make space
The less is more approach will be en vogue for some time yet. Embrace it by clearing clutter and hiding the essentials in understated cabinetry and dressers. For on-display storage, you can’t go past wicker baskets. More light gives the illusion of more space, so to enhance smaller rooms use light tones and accentuate natural light with mirrors.

Minor tweak, big impact
If a minor refresh is on the cards, don’t underestimate the power of a few tweaks to revitalise your space. An up-to-date lamp, modern artwork, new layers, a mirror or a rug to reflect the season is sometimes all its takes to give your room a completely new look.

Green is gold
We know it doesn’t take much to transform a room, and one of the most significant additions can be greenery. Not only will the combination of leafy greens and their pots add contrast and depth to a space, you may also find the health benefits alluring.

Be bold
Don’t be afraid to mix old with new, exclusive with lower-cost, and to shake up colours and patterns. Just because your new sofa looks to the future, doesn’t mean it can’t complement existing fixtures that also reflect your style.

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