As the New Year heralds a new look in interiors, let us share the latest looks to keep your abode on trend for 2018.

The look
After years of striving for minimalist perfection, clean Scandi lines and bright whites are on the way out. As we aspire to reconnect with nature, so too does the latest in design. Warm earthy tones will replace the all-whites, powdery pinks and coppery metallics, although smaller doses of pink will remain a hit. Think dark woods, tan, terracotta and rust. And watermelon red will be a standout accent.

Florals may be out, but wallpaper is here to stay. Geometric lines are still strong, but for a more delicate backdrop, try some organic watercolours or splashes of earthy colour.

Striking shades are back in for 2018, with a move towards low, curved pieces with a plump finish to ensure maximum comfort. A luxurious daybed-style suite will take relaxation to the next level. And for a more casual look, wicker has also made a comeback.

Styling and décor
An injection of boho will go a long way in achieving the imperfect, organic look of 2018. Handcrafts, macramé and textile wall hangings will all feature as we steer away from the less-is-more philosophy. And forget hiding away dinnerware – display cabinets, complete with glass doors and open shelves will be back. Plants, as always, will freshen any space, but if keeping them alive isn’t your thing, go for succulents, like cacti, or arrange some branches in a vase – or as wall art.

PRODUCT IMAGES (top to bottom): Fantastic, Naturally Timber, Freedom, Early Settler
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