Your home needs a lift, and you’ve finally committed to giving it a fresh coat of paint. Sprucing up the walls, doors and ceilings is the perfect project to complement a new seasonal look, adding to your home’s resale value, or simply to lift your own spirits. A colour scheme is such an important aspect to any styling project so here are our tips on integrating a ‘paint-lift’ when styling your home.

Start off with the right tools
If a colour wheel isn’t at hand, simply sit down and download one of the many colour apps available online. This allows you to start off on the right decorating foot with a colour scheme tailored to your space and desired ambience from the comfort of your yet-to-be-transformed home. Next step (or you can skip straight to this one): chatting to your in-store design expert.

New colour, big impact
Warm, cold, harmonious, bold, calming or energetic – your colours of choice will shape the overall feel of the space being styled. So consider whether you’re after a relaxed ambience (bedrooms, for example), or a more dynamic feel (living or dining). And if the room is small, whether you might like to make it feel more spacious and airy with lighter colours, or cosy and sophisticated with warmer tones. If children are in the picture, cool whites may be off the agenda for the time being; and of course, your new colour scheme also needs to balance your selection of décor – or vice versa.

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