Keen to revitalise your home, but can’t bear the thought of adding to landfill? Your carbon footprint may not be as big as you suspect – if you keep these eco-friendly decorating tips in mind.

1. Landfill isn’t the only solution
First, don’t feel guilty. That sagging lounge suite or Grandma’s country dresser may look tired in your home, but one person’s trash is another’s treasure. Repurposing may not be your thing, but don’t assume the décor you want to replace will end up in landfill – you have the option of selling, giving away or even donating many of the items you deem worthy of the tip. And that could mean more money for the decorating budget.

2. Quality, on-trend and timeless
Bringing your home into the now doesn’t mean you need to purchase furniture that’s in vogue today, but out of date next year. Invest in a quality, timeless design for a ‘wow’ factor that not only lingers over time, but stays out of landfill longer. It’ll also save you money in the long-run.

3. Source sustainable
It may not be as readily available, but sustainably sourced timber is your best bet if you want furniture that has less impact on the environment. You can also choose wisely when it comes to paints, carpets and smaller décor items – investigate whether the communities who made the items benefit from your purchase.

4. Think green
Lastly, plants remain an interior design must in 2020. As well as adding to the look of your home, natural greenery will also increase oxygen and help purify the air.

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