Easter is just around the corner. Already. To help you get your head around the next big event on the social calendar, we’ve compiled these tips for easy Easter entertaining.

The look
Pastels tend to reign when it comes to Easter – probably because of their association with new life and the season (spring in the northern hemisphere). Gorgeous against a neutral palette – especially white – lighter shades of blue, pink, orange, green and yellow are a hit at this time of year here too. Team a garland or hanging decorations with some simple blooms and Easter treats colourfully displayed in jars or bowls, and your theme effortlessly comes together. Add a touch of 2018 with a small Easter tree as the unassuming centrepiece.

The menu
Easter has to be one of the easiest events to cater for – even if you like to make the bulk of your fare from scratch. Why not try brunch or afternoon tea? Think crepes, eggs, breads, hot cross buns, an easy fruit platter. And, of course, something sweet.

The entertainment
If children are attending, nothing will please them more than an Easter egg hunt. Easy to set up inside or out, make it as complex or simple as you see fit. If it’s at the end of a chocolate-filled Easter weekend, keep them entertained with an Easter craft corner. Pre-boil plenty of eggs and provide pens, buttons, pipe cleaners, coloured paper, fabric and glue.

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