The end of financial year is nigh and, with it, its frenzy of shopping opportunities. The good news is that if you’ve got some homewares on your shopping list and you’re now working from home, you may be able to save even more by claiming a portion of your home office expenses in your tax return. So relinquish your hold on the dining table, and create an office space that’s functional, ergonomic – and stylish. Here’s how we’d do it (in consultation with an accountant of course).

Let’s start with the basics. The desk and the chair may go without saying, but what about storage that’s also stylish? Think open shelving for a few frequently used items, teamed with a small plant and some personal touches.

If you’re not working entirely on the cloud yet, consider a multi-use sideboard for additional storage.

Are you comfortable, or are your chiropractor and optometrist reaping the rewards of your at-home work posture? Sure, you have the laptop, but is your body being cared for? Consider a monitor, keyboard and decent mouse for a sustainable working-from-home life. And if your mobile phone and tablet are begging for an upgrade, there’ll never be a better time than in the EOFYS. Be sure to keep a record of your purchases and usage, and consult with your accountant.

Is your vibe inspiring? There’s a fair chance your surroundings will influence productivity. Are you working in a cluttered living room, a tiny office or a light and airy space that instils enthusiasm (work ethic), problem solving and creativity? Comfort is one thing – you may need a ‘thinking (arm)chair’ or client seating, but it also needs to be pleasant. Keep the mood light and airy with a light colour scheme, add some greenery for physical and emotional wellbeing and don’t be afraid to add a rug, cushions or throw to make the space truly yours.

Product Images (top to bottom): Fantastic Furniture, Boori, Koala Living, Berkowitz
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