When the time comes to invest in a new lounge suite, it’s a wonderful opportunity to restyle your living area – completely change the feel of one of your most used and versatile household spaces. Yet with so many elements to be taken into consideration, it’s not a light decision. To make it a little easier, here’s a step-by-step formula for selecting the best sofa for your home.

Step 1 – The right fit
Your heart might be set on a particular style, but if your new sofa is out of proportion with the living space or – worse – is too big to actually make it through the door or upstairs, you’ve wasted your time. So before you hit the showrooms, get out a tape measure and work out what will fit. A scaled plan of your living area will also be helpful.

Step 2 – Shop with purpose
A pre-shop Q&A helps achieve a balance of style and functionality. Most importantly, consider who’ll be using it. And how. Will it be used for lounging? Socialising, watching TV, working on a laptop or all of the above? This – combined with your aesthetic prerequisites – will help determine whether you need it sleek and upright or a plush, feather-filled number. If this is a sofa for everyday use, comfort should be a priority.

Step 3 – Longevity
Chances are your new suite is a long-term investment – which means it needs to stand up to years of bouncing kids, entertaining mishaps or simply sitting in your favourite television-viewing position. Check the frame, suspension, removable covers and cushioning, as well as whether the outer material will stand the test of time – think wear-and-tear and fickle trends.

Step 4 – The look
With the above checked off, you can finally move on to the look. Will it be two matching two-seaters, a statement modular and chaise or two contrasting yet complementary sofas? Enhance a small space with sleek lines, or add to a large room with a pair of feature single-seaters, an ottoman and a rug. A neutral colour offers more in terms of styling and mixing up accents over time.

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