With summer – and holidays – just weeks away, there’s no better time to prep the house for long, lazy days and of course, endless summer soirees. Here are our tips for a quick seasonal makeover.

Take the inside out
What can you transfer to an outdoor setting? Throw open the doors and get out there. Al fresco dining during the warmer months goes without saying, but how about setting up a welcoming nook for breakfast, reading or simply dreaming. And forget the bedroom for your afternoon siesta; invest in a daybed, deck chair, even a hammock, and meditate as you gaze at that electric blue sky.

Cool the palette
Back inside, lighten the vibe with breezy tones that invite yet more light into the room. Trade dark colours for light, and make the lighter ones even brighter. Nothing says summer more than cool shades contrasted with summertime pops of art, cushions or flowers fresh from the garden.

Minimise and rearrange
When cool is on the agenda, less is more. Rid your rooms of clutter and add vibrant splashes with updated cushions, artwork or bowls. Move the furniture to take advantage of the season – face windows rather than the fireplace or television, and ensure curtains are light – and open. Consider swathes of a light, white fabric, which can add a beautiful fresh feel – on bed posts, poolside or for some privacy (and romance) on the deck.

Finishing touches
Inject a playful summery edge with colourful, graphic pieces of art, a mix of patterns and plenty of flora. And to top it off, add some fresh summery scents with candles, a diffuser – or flowers!

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