If your child is due to graduate to a newly themed bedroom, your options for creating a space beyond their dreams are endless. Limited only by your (or your child’s) creativity, this is the room to let your styling imagination run free.

Setting the scene
Tranquil and calming may be on your agenda, but what does your little one want? To ensure everyone’s happy with the finished product, get your child involved in the selection process – palette, themes, furnishings. If you’re not game to hand them the paint brush, show them your narrowed-down selection of colours and give them a say in the final decision.

Stick to a theme
This isn’t the only way to go, but having a theme will help keep a potentially busy room cohesive and pull it all together when it comes to the finishing touches. What is your child into? Cars, nature, rainbows and unicorns, sailing, sport, the beach? Make a feature wall, or style the entire room to theme.

You (or they) may want to feature some of their own artwork. Don’t be afraid to make one of their special editions the centrepiece and work the room around it.

“Pack, pack, packing away”
What parent doesn’t have this tune constantly playing in their head! Give them a reason to keep their space tidy with some cool storage options. Aside from shelving, think funky boxes, baskets, trays or on-trend canvas bags.

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