The luxe look is everywhere, from television renovation shows to lifestyle magazines. Envious? You, too, can create a high-end feel at home. All it takes is vision, a little creativity and a can-do attitude. Here are our top tips.

Cleanse the palette
First, decluttering and neutralising your base colour scheme with give you the blank canvas you need to later add the bold accents and opulent touches that will give you that luxurious finish. Think minimalist, and get rid of all the extras you no longer admire or need. A clean, streamlined space feels big, inviting and classic.

Next, introduce colour and texture by accessorising with less-expensive pieces you can replace as your taste evolves with each season.

Your investment
This project does require some outlay. By investing in a few key pieces, you can develop an impressive base on which to build the overall look. A quality lounge suite not only offers long-lasting comfort, it will look sumptuous and stylish for years to come. The same goes for dressers, rugs and bedheads.

Out with the old
Simple changes such as new light fittings, door handles and taps not only modernise your home, they give you the opportunity to go wild and add a touch of creativity and luxury – without breaking the bank.

New art? Go big – bigger than you might ordinarily feel comfortable with. The bigger the piece, the bigger the statement, and (regardless of how much it actually costs) the bigger the impression it makes. Apply this strategy to your rug as well, and your space suddenly feels more spacious – and like a million dollars.

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