Space may be at a premium, but apartment living needn’t be ‘tight’. Here we share our top tips for a stylish – and spacious – apartment.

Edit your essentials
Less is always more, particularly in an apartment. So cut the clutter and hide anything that isn’t always in use (or ultra-pleasing on the eye).

In the kitchen, for example, a sleek coffee machine might be left out as the centrepiece, juxtaposed against the greenery of frequently used herbs or a bamboo cannister of designer utensils. The rest can go in the cupboard. Fewer floating items creates an illusion of more space and, in turn, a calmer, more liveable apartment.

Contain the sprawl
Some things must stay out: tissues, the remote control, paperwork on the to-do list. So contain it. Invest in eye-catching storage that looks anything but ‘storage’. A stunning box for the remote; stylish tissue-box covers do exist; and desk drawers or on-trend stacking boxes for the files.

Don’t forget an elegant tray to keep all these items from sprawling outside their zone. Think outside the storage box: designer trays, baskets, pigeon holes – and cupboards!

Uphold the illusion
Your small space needn’t feel small. The number-one item for ‘making more space’? The mirror. Whether it’s the timeless round captain’s choice or a long and slender piece above a dresser, a mirror promises more light and a feeling of space as it reflects into darker spots.

Fill a void with a pot plant, add depth with beautiful, stand-alone lighting and curate your coffee table or dresser with only the most eye-catching books, succulents or fresh flowers.

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