Whether your holiday home is an investment or for your enjoyment only, styling it will have a massive impact on its success – and how much you or your guests will want to lock in that annual vacation at your place. So how do you ensure your holiday home becomes a special place for each and every inhabitant? Below we look at three key factors.

Regardless of where your holiday home is located, one thing all holiday makers have in common is a desire to be comfortable. So invest in quality sofas, dining chairs and, most importantly, beds that ooze luxury and relaxation. Continue with linen that invites you to linger and sumptuous pillows that will have your guests wondering whether they’re at a hotel or in your home.

To ensure there’s plenty of seating, consider the maximum number of people who could stay – including those on the mandatory sofa bed. An added bonus for guests is the option to merge two single ensembles into a queen.

It may require a little planning and investment, but you’ll be repaid with repeat visits.

Your colours, textures and overall atmosphere should reflect your environment. Think cool tones in hot, coastal locations; earthy shades and neutrals in a bush setting; layers, warm rugs and cosy lounges and armchairs around the fireplace of an alpine cabin; and some rustic, country charm in a farmhouse.

Above all, the mood should be calming and allow your guests to relax – keep it low on clutter and easy on the eye for holiday vibes that leave you or your guests longing to return next year.

Keeping the chores to a minimum is essential. Choose furniture that’s durable and easy to clean, and floors and rugs that suit the environment (steer clear of carpet thoroughfares if sandy or wet feet are likely to traipse through).

Provide plenty of storage at the entrance for shoes, coats, umbrellas, towels and beach gear; toy boxes or a chest if it’s a family-type holiday home; somewhere safe to keep multiple sets of keys; and cupboards so your guests really do feel at home.

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