So you have a blank canvas. You’re moving into a new home and you have no furniture to your name – or this dwelling at least. This is your opportunity to make your mark and develop your interior styling with your furniture. Hold off on buying in bulk and invest in quality key pieces that are timeless and you can add to over time. Here are some furniture items worth investing in.

The bedroom
You probably spend more time here than in any other room – and more time in your bed than on any other item of furniture. So spend the time researching and testing. As you’ll expect your bed to last up to a decade, you can justify spending a little more on The One. You’ll also need a bedhead (see our fengshui article) – the upholstered variety is a trend set to continue.

The living room
The other most-lived-in (and visited) space, your living room needs looks and comfort. Your sofa not only needs to stand the test of time with timeless and durable fabric, it needs to be so comfortable you dream of the moment you can slump into it and put your feet up. Beautiful cabinetry that can double, at a later date, into bedroom storage or an entry stand is another investment worthy of your shopping time and energy.

Decent lighting simply can’t wait until your budget gets back into the black. Not only can it transform the ambience of a space, it’s essential to your quality-of-life. Think a feature floor lamp in the dining room, bedside pendants, kitchen illumination and a warming table lamp in the living area.

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