How old is your sofa? Has its life spanned multiple homes, kids and a renovation? Or did you splash out the last time you gave the living area a lick of paint? Chances are – if you think about it – multiple items within your home are past their expiry date. It may not be as obvious as your groceries, but each furnishing has a finite life. So how do you know when it’s time to upgrade? Here are our recommendations – handy, too, if you simply need to justify that new lounge suite!

A sagging sofa, a wobbly dining chair, an undulating mattress: they all point to age. But whether the item of furniture is five years old or 10, if the comfort factor has gone, it’s time to refresh. We think a sofa can last seven to 15 years – depending on your initial investment, but don’t be surprised if your mattress needs an upgrade every five to 10 years.

And don’t forget the kids. Combine bouncing with a growing body, and the bed’s longevity shrinks significantly.

Appliances – they’re never going to last forever. In fact a decade for the big ones is a great innings. As annoying as it is to plan for a breakdown, it’s better to replace before being stuck with a fridge-full of rotting food, or a laundry pile as high as the washer and dryer stacked atop each other.

Carpet not cutting it now the kids and pets are old enough to tread in mud and who-knows-what-else from the backyard? Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to a harder surface – more hard-wearing and on trend. Pair with a rug and you’ve brought the space into the now.

Perhaps you’ve moved or switched the layout of your home, and the existing furnishings no longer fit the space. Or worse: wear-and-tear – fading, scratches, stains – can take an entire space from on trend to last decade. Bring in a new model to revamp the entire space. And if budget is tight, new cushions, rugs, throws and lighting can make a big impact.

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