While cooler temps may feel a little way off, the end of summer is nigh. So now is the time to start styling your home for the change of season. Here are our top tips for ushering in autumn and creating a warm and cosy atmosphere.

1. A new look
Be it seating, flooring, window dressings or bedroom furnishings, a neutral palette freshens a space and allows you to go all out with textures and accents. A clean slate (call it wintery white if you wish) leaves you with the creative space to add the layers and warmer tones evocative of cooler climes.

Speaking of seating, if a fireplace (or even outdoor firepit) beckons, adequate seating for all is a must. Invest in that long-desired armchair or flexible occasional chair to cosy up in – you can switch the layout around come spring. If a new lounge suite is on the agenda, keep it neutral and add our seasonal suggestions, below.

2. Layers + texture = warmth
Say goodbye to cold feet with multiple and contrasting rugs. Layer an animal print on top of jute or Turkish on wool for a warming look that defines a space, is full of character and is oh-so now.

Add more texture and warmth with stunning blankets – draped across the sofa, and in feature baskets in living areas and near the firepit. Then, swap out summer cushions for the warmer tones of winter. Don’t forget to add these textures and layers to the bedroom too.

3. Set the scene
Once the essentials are in place, add to the autumnal atmosphere with clusters of candles of varying styles, warming lighting and branches or dried flowers in beautiful vases or baskets.

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