Grey and white furniture are on the ’out’. As the season transitions to Autumn expect warm modern earthy tones mixed with some nature throughout your interiors.

Round and organic shaped furniture, feature walls and ceilings, miss matched prints and a load of green tones will move our homes from Summer to a cosy space for you this Autumn.

Organically Curved

We have already begun to see round and organic furniture and decor within our homes over the past few months and it’s here to stay this season! Round tables with statement legs are becoming more and more popular with brands bringing out minimalist styles that just make sense in everyone’s dining space.

Whereas circular coffee tables, ottomans and occasional chairs are the voices of a living space due to their usefulness and style lead existence. You can expect organic shaped mirrors and decor to be paired amongst these items to assist in adding further volume to the space.


Keeping in mind that the weather will be getting cooler, it’s now a great time to invest in throw blankets and cushions. Having these living accessories can elevate the space you’re in – not just for the look but, for comfort. Selecting throws and cushions that align with  seasonal tones like greens, modern rust and cream will bring warmth to the room.


Nature is a trend that is still heavily encouraged and not just for its benefits but for the added style it brings to your space. Having your indoor faux or real plants this season and prints that feature nature will assist in bringing a connection to the earthiness we’ll being seeing throughout colours, decor and furniture this season. Don’t be afraid to jazz it up with some leafy cushions or another fiddle leaf in your living room.


Don’t be afraid to steer away from white and grey this season