It’s that time of year again. As blossoms bloom and days lengthen, the inevitable spring clean looms. But don’t make it a burden – embrace the process and reap the benefits of a fresh and energised home. Here are our tips on keeping the seasonal detox realistic and rewarding.

Hone in on one room at a time, and get serious about creating essential and non-essential piles. Think books, clothes, toys, shoes, bathroom items, expired food.

Rather than rummaging through your winter wardrobe for summer wear that’s seen better days, welcome the opportunity to empty, sort, clean and arrange your clothes storage. Vacuum storage bags are great for off-season attire, but they’re not an excuse to keep items you don’t need.

First ensure you have all the essential equipment. Then start with a thorough dust before you vacuum, shampoo, mop and wax the floors. Take cushions outside to bang off the dust, and vacuum the remainder of the lounge suite and bed.

Don’t forget fans, on top of the fridge and windows – sills and frames included. This is your once-a-year chance to achieve that deep clean.

The timing is also right to wash down the outdoor furniture before the al fresco season begins.

Spruce (maybe even revamp)
Clean at last, now’s the time to rearrange and freshen tired living spaces. Swap heavy bed linen for a lighter, summery feel, and bring a hint of outdoor living in with a new plant.

Introduce decorative storage, such as baskets or an ottoman for toys, blankets, shoes – anything that doesn’t have its own space.

Now could also be the time for a new piece of art, a rug or curtains. How far you take the detox is up to you, but even when up to your elbows in suds, don’t lose sight of that end result.

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