If you want to get the maximum price for your home, it could all come down to the styling. In an era of TV renovation shows, selling the ‘dream’ has become the norm – presentation is vital to lure and capture your buyer’s attention. And that could mean dismissing your own personal style. Here are five steps to getting your home sold quicker – and for more.

1. Set the scene
Before the selling begins, you need to get some key rooms in order. Getting your home picture perfect for the photo shoot will result in more interest and more inspections. So start with the kitchen, living area, master bedroom, main bathroom and an outdoor space.

2. Declutter
It’s never too early to start boxing up. Pairing back the living spaces is a given – denuding them of trinkets, family snaps and general clutter. But you should also consider emptying (or styling) wardrobes, the pantry – even the bathroom vanity. Because they will be opened. It’s all about creating a spacious home that buyers dream of living in. A clean, streamlined presentation will achieve this.

3. Then accessorise
Less is always more, but a few on-trend accents will appeal to buyer emotion. Think artwork, chic cushions and splashes of green – plants can freshen the space and enhance the furnishings. And a stylish throw or rug will cover any blemishes on the furniture or floor.

Nothing says ‘welcome home’ like new fluffy towels in the bathroom – add a touch of luxe with some rolled face cloths, a flickering candle and nice soap. Continue this theme in the kitchen – strip everything from the bench except a single luxury item (coffee machine) and a bowl of colour (green apples, lemons or oranges – remember to keep it simple).

4. Just before the doors open
Be sure to do a last-minute review of clutter and cleanliness before every inspection. Ensure the toilet is clean, take the rubbish out, freshen flowers and sweep the entrance. Last but not least, turn on the lights and light some candles.

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