Size needn’t diminish the style of your home. In fact, a compact space can be as inspiring and on-trend as the latest magazine covers. Here are our tips for styling your small space.

The minimalist outlook goes a long way to creating a feeling of space in your small room or apartment. Don’t overcrowd it with sofas, armchairs, coffee tables or several feature furnishings; elongate it with one stunning sofa. Think long lines, low and sleek. If a single seater isn’t your thing, keep multiple furnishings small – in proportion to the space. Accompany with side tables instead of a coffee table. And contrast with slender, soft lines – a circular dining table, curved chairs, a round or off-shape rug.

Treasured mementos have their place, but keep them to a minimum. It’s all in the presentation – play with quantity, size, height and location – and arrange in groups rather than scattering.

Forget dark carpets and bold feature walls. It’s all about light, bright tones to keep your space feeling modern and spacious. A consistent, neutral background ensures it doesn’t compete with the styling and creates a feeling of openness through seamless transitions from one living area to the next. A large, light rug will transform drab carpet. And you can introduce colour with throws, layers, cushions, displays and artwork.

Nothing says ‘welcome home’ like an abundance of light. Let natural light stream in by placing furniture around the window, not in front of it. And compliment any natural light with beautiful lighting – and lots of it. Ceiling lights, wall lights, hall lights – and, of course, lamps. Space may be tight but there is always room for a lamp or two.

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