Is your new year goal to get more rest? Are you tired of taking forever to wind down once you hit the sack? Make your sleep ritual an easy one with calming sleeping quarters that should guarantee a restful (and full) night sleep.

The main act
While the rest of this article might focus on the allure of aesthetics and ambience, there’s no getting away from the centrepiece of your bedroom – which must be more than just looks. If your mattress is 7-10 years old, it’s time for a new innerspring, foam or pillowtop. Which one is up to your own thorough research and testing. Lie on a range of mattresses and ‘relax’ as you would at home before purchase. Rest assured though – if the fit isn’t right, most stores offer a ‘comfort guarantee’.

Your sleep zone
If your room is large enough to divide it into zones, create a specific area dedicated to sleep. Add a soft rug that relaxes the feet before climbing into bed. And if there must be clutter (more on this below), keep it out of the sleep zone. Install pendants for reading to leave more space on your bedside for the essentials, and introduce a sumptuous ottoman or chest of drawers for any other clutter – outside this most important of zones.

Slumber sanctuary / Ambience
Create the right mood and make stepping into your retreat a peaceful experience with the right ambience and energy. Warm, soothing colours – on walls and the bedspread – and natural accents such as a plant or flowers will elicit a sense of calm upon entry. Of course a pop of bold in cushions, throw or artwork can complement the tranquillity – as long as it’s in moderation.

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