As the design trends and quirks of 2018 draw to a close, it’s time to fast forward and predict the hottest looks for the year ahead. Here are our top 10 looks for 2019.

Is green the new black?
Actually, matt black isn’t going anywhere. It’s still highly desirable inside and outside the home – from key furnishings and window frames to lighting and accents. But the big news in colour is Pantone’s night watch – a deep hunter green reminiscent of foresty shades and nature in general. Use sparingly and team with hues of gold.

Shades of green
On the subject of green, natural fabrics and ethical products also get the tick. Whimsical furnishings, layered with eco-friendly throws and cushions, and complemented by a tapestry fulfil the brief – and give nod to the still-on-trend boho look.

Green thumbs
Continue on the nature-loving path because indoor plants are also here to stay. Think large pots, patterned leaves, cascading ferns, a living bathroom wall – air-purifying (if you go for the real deal) and an injection of ‘2019-green’.

Less is more
As always, the less clutter and the more open the space, the more desirable the home. Minimalism, it seems, will always have its place. And next year this could extend to the kitchen, with fewer upper cabinets. Storage an issue? You don’t have to adopt every trend!

Appliance up
The bolder the better when it comes to your kitchen appliances. This could even mean shiny gold offsetting the clean lines – see Trend No.7.

Reinstating the past
Minimalist simplicity remains strong, but its clean lines are being softened with curves that speak to an era gone by. While sensual sofas are the most obvious, rounded rugs, tables and seating also introduce a hint of Art Deco nostalgia.

A touch of glitz
Gold is back – in a big way. Bright gold, aged or black teamed with natural accents will add easy glamour, especially if the Art Deco look is on your agenda.

Another nod
If this iteration of Art Deco is speaking to you, go a step further with an elegant bar cart. Move it around the home for occasions or a new look.

See the pattern
Geometrics are in still, but if you’re after something different, try going tribal. Start with accents – cushions, throws, bedspreads, and if you’re game, convert an entire room – think feature wall, art, window dressings.

Art wall
Wallpaper is another trend that’s been around a while, but in 2019, be bold and add patterns and texture.

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